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Successful Interviewing February 7, 2014

????????????????????????????????Interviewing can be a daunting and intimidating experience at times. However it doesn’t have to be. When well prepared you can confidently answer any question with ease and grace. It’s easy to blunder even the best of interviews with one incorrect or stumbled response. Preparation is always the key when going into an interview. It’s important to take the time to do a little research on the company that you’re interviewing with. Write down a list of your strengths, this will help you remember them later. Also it’s important to be knowledgeable in your field (area of expertise). All of these things will help you when you are sitting down to interview for that coveted position with their company.


I have compiled a few of the questions that most of us find hardest to answer on the spot so to speak and how to combat that dreaded ‘um’ factor.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Here is where employers want to know about any volunteer work or affiliations you have. Perhaps you’ve run in a marathon or participate in your children’s PTA or Girl Scouts. It’s okay to add a few hobbies and a little about your family, but don’t be overly elaborate. It’s best to keep it simple, you don’t want to go overboard, however don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back a little where it’s due.

What are your strengths:

This is where you really shine, you get to tell your employer all about how you are the best. Be honest though. Play to your strengths, if you are someone that is very clean and orderly, always early and that sort of thing. let them know…”I’m very punctual, extremely organized and hard working.”

Why did you leave your last job:

Do your best to be positive. Remember your employer will be thinking about what you would be saying to the next employer if you left this job.

Why should we hire you:

Now is when you need to ‘sell’ yourself to the company. You tell them they need you because you are the best for the job because…(add your invaluable asset here)

What did you like least about your last job:

This is another one that requires you to stay positive. It may be difficult, however do your best to put a positive spin on something that you were not too fond of. Don’t go into great detail here, try to keep it short and simple.

What do you know about our company:

Wow them now! let them know that you know about this company and what they are all about. This will let your potential employer know that you have taken the time to get to know what they do.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now:

This can be a tricky question, the employer is looking to see what kind of ambitions you have. It’s important that you know what it is that you want to be doing. Answer with confidence no matter what your ambitions are.

What are your weaknesses:

Again, you should stay positive. Just because something may be a weakness doesn’t mean that it has to be negative, use it as a learning or growing experience. For instance if you have trouble saying ‘no’ to people, it’s not a negative because you are constantly helping or working for others, however you are working on setting healthy boundaries for yourself. An employer will respect that.

Are you willing to relocate:

This may be a tough one for many people. If you are not willing to relocate don’t just say ‘no’, give a gracious but short explanation along with an apology. You may not be certain if you want to relocate and that’s alright as well, simply explain that you are willing to consider relocating. Then again you might be all for relocation and in that case you can tell the potential employer that you would be happy to relocate for their company.

interview dos and donts

As long as you go into your interview prepared, confident and well groomed you should do just fine. Even if you still have a bit of anxiety (nervousness) about the interview that’s okay, simply let your interviewer know that you’re a bit anxious because you’re very excited about the possibility to join their team. Always remember to keep things positive and you will do great.


Our dog seems to have inspired an imponderable question January 11, 2014


alright, so I must admit that I don’t have all the answers, however that doesn’t mean that I can’t find them…Anyway, I digress, my point is that while I was cleaning up a bit I thought of a very good question which I’m sure has a very mundane answer…

Why is it that dogs will gladly eat cat food, but cats generally will not eat dog food?

I ask this because out darling little pain in my ass (Chevy, the dog) has challenged me to find a place to put the cat food that our 17lb cat (Tuna) can get to without requiring an act of Congress. I have put it in the closet, the kitchen (which he’s not allowed in or left to his own devices and bad ideas at night), the little cubby behind my headboard (that he still has yet to discover and I am simply amazed that our big ass cat can even get in and out of), and finally now on the bathroom counter…which I’m not fond of once I discovered a cat hair in my mouth after brushing my teeth that I couldn’t seem to dislodge for two and a half hours. I know that it’s only a matter of time that he figures out how to jump onto the toilet and then onto the counter…My only salvation is that my boys seem to be physically incapable of putting the seat down, let alone closing the actual lid. So at least I have a little while to think of a new place, however this house is so damn small that I’m running out of options! And forget that nifty new invention that requires a tag on the animal’s collar and will only open the food dish for them, because Tuna is one of those cats that goes into complete panic, follow you everywhere you go meowing incessantly if she can even remotely see the bottom of her food bowl. I know what you’re thinking, and no I did not create this monster, she was like this when we adopted her…I have tried my damn’est to keep her on the same feeding schedule since the day we brought her home…She gets fed a cup of food in the morning when we get up and that’s it…otherwise we’d be buying pony food! Chevy on the other hand receives the same amount of food (since they are ‘supposed’ to be the same size) in the morning , but I only have to fill his dish every 2-3 days…Perhaps he’s simply full from all the damned cat food he’s been eating!

So if anyone has any ideas, please I beg of you, send me a comment…I am spending a fortune on  cat food since I refuse to feed my animals cheap crap food filled with corn, wheat and byproducts they can’t even seem to identify on the label. I swear, some of these pet foods are far worse than Bologna or Hot dogs…and they have lips and assholes in them, seriously…how much worse can it get? What other bi-products are there that aren’t fit for human consumption?…. NO, wait, never mind, I’d rather not know. If I can’t imagine it, it’s got to be pretty bad. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that part because I don’t buy those brands.

Alright, once again I digress…So please if anyone knows why a dog will eat cat food but not vice versa that would be great, however if anyone has any ideas on how to keep Chevy out of the damn cat food that would be even better.


Rantings of a hobo riding a unicorn across a rainbow made from tiny shells of the hubdaloop people! (AKA HI!)

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This post gave me such a grin…One that can only be made by a fellow random ranter…I must admit that I rather enjoyed giving him my comment 🙂

Rantings of a hobo riding a unicorn across a rainbow made from tiny shells of the hubdaloop people! (AKA HI!).


How askDandiee got her name

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I think the first nickname I ever earned was 'Bird-legs'…as an infant and toddler, I was very leggy. I was told that I had this 'little bitty body and all these legs'. Which would probably explain why I was 5'7" by the time I was eleven years old!

The second nickname I earned was 'princess bubble butt'. As a young child consequently throughout high school I was very thin with no figure what-so-ever…except for my behind which always looked as though I was trying to smuggle dodge balls in the back of my shorts.

My ever lasting nickname came from my Grandfather though. Ever since I was a little girl, he would always sit me on his knee and tell everyone that I was his 'Jim Dandiee Girl'. Once I entered school my family noticed that any time I was asked how I was doing I would reply with 'Just Dandiee'.

So that's how I came about my 'Pen Name'. I was the 'Dandiee Girl'. Which has morphed a bit over the years from just Dandiee, to Random Dandiee and finally to askDandiee. I have always been a very random individual and I am constantly being asked for advice and for some reason some of the strangest questions, so I think I've finally settled on askDandiee. 🙂

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13 words that irritate me immensely January 10, 2014

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Normally it’s said in a dismissive tone which I find rude and disrespectful.

When said repeatedly, it feels as though the person is tuning you out…simply placating you so that you will stop talking about the subject.

The definition of this word as I know it is such an extreme feeling that I don’t care for it being used by my children simply because it’s very unlikely that they truly feel that extreme about what they’re ‘hating’.

It doesn’t bother me so much when an adult uses this word occasionally, however when children and teens use it, I find the connotation to be very disrespectful.

Racial slurs or racial slang terms
This I simply will not stand for, how low has our society stooped to find the ‘N’ word to be an endearing term between friends. When one thinks about where all these terms came from and what was endured, I would think it impossible to make them a part of your vocabulary.

Taking the Lord’s name in vane
I will only ask those in my home to refrain from doing this and I always ask nicely should the situation arise. When outside my home, I will only correct my children.

When used properly this word is meant to express amazement, excitement and aww…Not to be a snotty retort to being told something you didn’t want to hear.

Calling someone stupid or saying that some idea or situation is stupid is just a rude and short way of saying that you don’t care enough about that person or their ideas to take the time to talk about what you don’t care for or find less than pleasant about them. Regarding situations says that you are refusing to take a moment to think about the possible reasons for or ways to solve said situation.

Being a mother of a special needs child, although he is highly functioning and usually full of not so good ideas (he’s 15) I refuse to stand for anyone using any variation of this word around myself of my children. I also will not allow my children to use these words regarding situations or tasks that they don’t like, want to do or reprimands (such as grounding) that they find ‘unfair’.

Calling someone a loser is such a mean and hurtful thing to do no matter how humorously put. It causes the person to second guess themselves and breeds low self-esteem.

Gay or any other homosexual slang/slurs
When people use the word ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner regarding any person, situation or setting it is really is demeaning to both parties. The person on the receiving end feels targeted and labeled. While the party on the giving side of this two-edged sword only shows his/her ignorance, intolerance and lack of social etiquette. Now when individuals choose to use homosexual slurs as a verbal weapon, I simply feel sorry for them that they have such insecurities within themselves and a lack of education or knowledge that they feel it necessary and worse yet acceptable to lash out in such a manner. Not to mention that the unfortunate soul that happens to be on the receiving end of such a verbal lashing probably feels a bit violated, unwanted and out of place for simply being themselves.

Slut, the ‘C’ word, whore, etc
I find it is so sad that our youth and young adults have somehow come to the conclusion that insulting a woman regarding her anatomy or ‘social agenda’ is not only socially accepted but to be freely used as verbal weapons. These terms are used not only by men but by women as well. Women as a whole have endured so much and worked so very hard to be seen not only as equals but as important and valued for who they are and what they do. Using such terms only shows ignorance and disrespect not only for the person it’s directed toward but shows a lack of human decency and education to the verbal lasher as well.

Weight related insults (fatty, twiglette, etc)
In my opinion when someone feels it necessary to bring someone down by teasing or insulting them about their weight or size only shows how insecure that person is about their own body, that they must put someone else down to feel secure within themselves. So many struggle with their body image whether they feel they are too large or small that hearing their own fears and insecurities shot at them like an arrow only further roots their feelings about their inadequacies. We strive to let society know that we are all unique and individuals with such intensity, that insulting others for not ‘fitting in’ or being the ‘right size’ is quite counter productive and simply unravels all the progress made to stand out in the first place.

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Splashdown Waterpark is one of my favorite childhood adventures

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One summer when I was about 10 years old my parents took me on a trip to Canada. Although there were tons of boring tourist sites to stop at, the one that topped it all for me was the Splashdown Waterpark. I was so excited standing outside the gates my skin could barely contain my body. ‘This is awesome!’ I thought to myself as we passed through the gates to every kids’ summer paradise. I had no idea just how much fun I was actually in for that day.


The sheer size of the water park alone was enough to take my breath away for a moment. There was so much to do and play in/on. There were giant water slides, spiraling slides, themed slides, super fast slides and so many more! I could go tubing, surfing in the wave pool, play in any number of the smaller activity pools or just kick back and relax…but hey, what kid wants to relax at a water park? This stop on our trip was definitely a major highlight for me, in fact it’s one of the only things that I remember about the trip at all.

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Imagine living with a hippo

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Although keeping a hippo as a pet is totally unreasonable for many many reasons, I do love them and like to imagine what life would be like with a ginormous hippo tromping around my yard and stumbling into the house for naps and snacks.

Baby Hippo

Adjusting to life with a Hippo would certainly be a challenge, she would have to be hand raised from birth to side step their natural aggressive behavior. A larger house with property and fresh water would be a must. I imagine she would be quite the conversation starter at gatherings. The grocery bill would grow exponentially and the furniture would need to be replaced with something much sturdier.

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